Long Island Fat Wallets vs. New York Month - to - month

As I was heading to my studio from 72nd and Broadway, I realised something I never quite could make any sense of - why would anybody plan 34th street 1, 2, and 3 subway lines platforms in the way, that first you have to get down X number of stair, and then you have to go up X times 2 number of stairs to get outside.

Finally I got it - if you go downstairs, you can get right onto the Penn Station trucks!!! So those who have the hardship of living in big houses which require enormous amount of furniture, and the pool, and at least one maid and one nanny (how could then NOT care about the poor) and perfect lawn, and that milkman for the lady of the house have more convenient commute!

Hmmmm. Now I feel like warmhearted bitch. I almost feel remorse. I am done. Back to cold hearted one :)I think we should sell tickets to and from LI based on the residency. Work in NY but live in LI? Pay up double for that ticket dude. NY needs the money for those of us who support you nice commute by maintaining NYC subway system.


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13Pisces said...

Sure! I just started as you can see, and trying to write something about NYC life avery day.