Does Sex Sell Fashion

..... or does fashion help to get higher price for sex?

The second part of this dilemma is added by me and is completely unknown to members of FGI, who are responsible for Oct 18, 2006 Workshop "Does Sex Sell Fashion".

When I was either last year of my undergrad or first year of grad school, I had to write paper on marketing technique. I forgot the name of professor as you can see and the time that class took place, but not what I wrote about. I used as an example popular at the time commercial where muscular half-naked construction guy opened a can of coke and momentaraly white color several hottiees nearly fell out of their office window salivating over him.

For those who is interested, here is usefull info:

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-->Oct 18, 2006-->

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Does Sex Sell Fashion?
Hearst Tower
Joseph Urban Theater
300 West 57th Street, 3rd Floor
(please enter on Eight Avenue)Wednesday, October 18, 2006
6:00 PM Panel Discussion

Moderator:Donna Kalajian Lagani, SVP/Publishing Director, Cosmopolitan
Bryan Bradley, Designer, Tuleh
Nicole Fischelis, VP/ Women’s Fashion Director, Macy's
Dr. Lionel Tiger, Anthropologist
Rebecca Weinberg, Celebrity Stylist

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