I actually called for security guard .... in a book store!

I know it sucks to get other people in trouble, but here I am, sitting comfy on the floor of huge Barnes & Nobles (the one near the Lincoln Center), trying to figure out how badly I am broke. Am I broke to the point where I can get 1 book that I loved, or 2?

Then I decided that when you have no job and someone is suing you for $40K, you may as well go for two, but on condition that you run to the cash register with your eyes closed.

As I was savoring other beauties, which were destined to stay behind, young man came by and started offering me some little brochure that he made about Nigerian kids. So I ask him if he has some documentation / certificate for the alleged Fund that he claims he formed. Dude keeps telling me how bad things are in Nigeria. So, after 3 round of these "negotiations", dude admits that he "misplaced" his certificate and moves on.

I grabbed the two books that I can hardly afford, and went to the cash register, destructing myself from other books by looking for security guard to tell him about the Fund Dude.

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