Cafe Sabarsky - 20th century Austrian version of modern $tarbuck$ Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

Have you ever been to that little place? Or better yet, have you ever been in LINE to that little place? Today we (myself and a friend of mine from CT) had to wait for 40 minutes during "between lunch and dinner" time. You know, that quiet time when lunch time crowd is gone and dinner crowd is still at work or shopping at Bergdorf. Nonetheless, the experience was definitely worth the wait.

Most guides to NY's restaurants will tell you that Cafe Sabarsky is "... German/Austrian Price Range: Moderate The new Neue Galerie museum cafe is an elegant invocation of old-time Vienna. 1048 Fifth Ave. Upper East Side 212-288-0665". Not much to go on, right?

Not if you are the kind of person who can (a) read, (b) heard about museums, (c) tends to go to one or two sometimes, and (d) prefers quality of food to its quantity.

As we were sipping our coffee, we noticed that majority of patrons were well in their 60 - 70s.

I guess one of my European friends was correct when he said that Cafe Sabarsky is 20th century Austrian version of modern Starbucks Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. The difference is that you are not served by semi-literate teenagers and nobody is asking you "uuuuhhhh.... are you gonna finish this one?" ....

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