Polonium 210 .....211 ...212 ....gone!

Come on, people!

Ever since that "poor ex KGB spy" got sick, you can not get anywhere without hearing that something is poisoned by Polonium or someone contains it.

1) It is EVERYWHERE. It is heavy metal and these days we consume about 200 plus of them on daily basis.

2) Anyone who plays "spy games" signes waiver that says "in case of my untimely death, please consider me an idiot". It's like the dude who crashed his private jet into high rise. You can't crash your private jet if you don't have money to buy one! So, once you do, don't expect sympathy.

3) Million bucks .... Putin could buy another head of state, like he did in Germany, with this money. Seems like much more profitable investment.

4) Putin is KGB. He is anything but stupid. Plus, they usually prefer to put folks into mental institutions or to jail for murders that accused never committed.

So, lets move one to something less annoying. Compared to this scandal, Bush seems like dear friend and Nobel Prize winner. .....

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