European Films

I came across this post and found it to be 100% true. Check the original link for the Notes.

Top Ten Reasons European Films Have It All Over American Movies (Kevin Grandfield):

1. European films start where American movies end. (Note 1)
2. Nothing blows up. (Note 2)
3. The characters are more likely to be like you. (Note 3)
4. Not everything is perfect. (Note 4)
5. Foreign accents are sexy. (Note 5)
6. Foreign settings are better. (Note 6)
7. They make fun of Americans. (Note 7)
8. Religion is cultural and historical, not ideological. (Note 8)
9. Characters act like grown ups; even the kids. (Note 9)
10. You just know they're drinking better coffee/wine/beer. (Note 10)

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