Almost an Ideal First Date

For those who don't know, I have not dated for a while - kind of hard to when you recover from "practically dying in the home fire".

So, few weeks ago I decided to give it a chance and what do you know? Here is this guy, let's call him Bob. Bob is intelligent, tall, dark, cute, lives on UPW, 4 years older, never married, no kids, published, accomplished, humorous, and Jewish. The only better thing could be if he were a doctor!

So after corresponding and exchanging pics for a while, we decide to meet. And what do you think is Bob's idea "to meet"? For me to help on cold April evening to UWS, since it obviously will take much longer for him to get down to Midtown, get myself coffee, since he "already got some Starbucks" and meet him for a walk.

His whining went on for 10 - 15 minutes - "you already got ready for the date, why not come over? Plus I got the coffee."

I am thinking that I'll stick to just hanging out with friends and SNL for now .....

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